Everyone can freely create new RPGs, but there are a few rules and guidelines we'd like you to read.

Topic titles

Using tags

[Open] Means the RPG is open to new characters.
[Invite] Means the RPG is open to invited characters. People may message you to ask to be invited.
[Closed] Means it is a private RPG that is not open to new characters.

[O] Means the RPG is an original RPG that has been created by the person starting the topic.
[F][Fandom name] Means the RPG is fandom based, taking place in the world of a book, television series, movie, or game. You must always specify what world you're using.

Naming your RPG

You can give your RPG any name as long as it's not breaking any of the forum rules.

First post

Your first post should contain clear and correct language and NO roleplaying. This post is used to explain several things about your RPG.

Allowed Characters
Race: Specify the races you allow to join your RPG, and the races you specifically don't want to join. People can message you to ask for any non-specified races to be added.
Ages: Specify the age range for characters. This can be anywhere from 0 to immortality.
Combat rules: Specify whether or not characters are allowed to have any powers in your RPG

Any extra info that is important for people to know should be specified as well.

World description
Describe the world you're going to play in.

Story description
Let people know whether there will be a storyline, or if the story will be made by the players themselves.

How to join
Default info on how to join should be "Post/PM name of your character + a link to the full Basic character sheet for the character."
If you need any extra info, you may specify that here as well. Think of things like what kind of wand the character uses for a Harry Potter Fandom RPG.

Joined characters
You must keep track of characters that have joined your RPG. It's simple. You copy the link the member has provided and use this code:

[url=Link that has been provided]Character name[/url]