Magic school character

General information

Full name: Bonnie MacKay   
Birth date: 14-08-1996
Race: Human/Witch
Sex: Female
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Nicknames: Bunny
Gender: Female


Description hair: Short, dark brown hair with blonde highlights. Pixie hairstyle. 
Description face: Dark brown eyes with long lashes. Tanned skin tone. Usually wears a dark purple/red colored lipstick.
Description body: Short, skinny looking girl. Stronger than she looks.
Description body art: Paw tattoo in the back of her neck
Description transfiguration:Dark brown fur. Medium sized rabbit.


Clothing style: Normally tank tops with black jeans. On formal occations she wears a  white blouse, black pants and a black tie. On cold days she has a pair of fingerless gloves and a long dark red scarf
Favourite clothes: Her bunny onesie.
Jewelry: None


Combat style: Stronger than she looks. She is patient and can take a lot of bullshit, but when you cross the line she will not hesitate to put her fist between your eyes or legs. Prefers her fists over her wand when it comes to combat.
Strengths: She is very quick and a hard target due to her small size.
Weaknesses: Not a fast learner. Gives up easily.
Weapons familiar with: None
Powers: Transfiguration. Can transform into a bunny at any time. However, if she changes too many times in 1 day there are some side effects (nose twitching, remainings of fur, shortness of breath etc.)
Taught by: No one. Runs in the family.


Hobbies: Drawing.
Passions: Art.
Dislikes: Learning from books. Reading.
Hates: Annoying people (she's not very forgiving). Carrot jokes.
Alignment: Chaotic neutral


Family: Father left, mother died. After 5 years on the streets she and her sister got adopted by a big family with 6 brothers and 5 sisters. Although she had food and a roof over her head, she was never really excited about being with her new family. She loves freedom and being by herself or with her little sister.
Pets: None
Friends: Her 2 year younger sister Amelia
Lovers: None
Dislikes: Her olderst brother David. The loves throwing carrots at her and mocking her transfiguration.
Enemy: None
Arch enemy: None
Other relationships: None


Childhood 0-5: Change ages according to your character or their race.
Childhood 6-10:
Childhood 11-15:
adolescence 15-20:
Adulthood 21-60:
Elderhood 61+:

Silent girl that only comes out of her shell when she's really comfortable with people. Very protective of her sister.